Plastic Sheet/Board Extrusion

  • HDPE Waterdrainage Sheet Extrusion Line

    HDPE Waterdrainage Sheet Extrusion Line

    Water Drainage Sheet: It is made of HDPE material, outer figure is of cone salient, functions of draining water and storing water, features of high stiffness and pressure resistance. Advantages: Traditional drainage water prefers brick tile and cobblestone for draining water. Water drainage sheet is used for replacing the traditional method to save time, energy, investment and reduce load of building.

  • PET/PLA Sheet Extrusion Line

    PET/PLA Sheet Extrusion Line

    Biodegradable plastic refers to a material that can be degraded into low molecular weight substances by microorganisms themselves or the secretions of microorganisms under certain conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration stipulates that, except for biodegradable plastics and very few water-degradable plastics that can be used in food packaging, other such as photodegradable plastics or light and biodegradable plastics fail to meet the regulations as food packaging materials.

  • HDPE/PP T-Grip Sheet Extrusion Line

    HDPE/PP T-Grip Sheet Extrusion Line

    T-grip sheet is mainly used in basis construction concrete casting of the construction joints and deformation constitute the basis of engineering for the integration and joints of concrete, such as tunnel, culvert, aqueduct, dam, reservoir structures, underground facilities;

  • Alumium Plastic Composite Panel Extrusion Line

    Alumium Plastic Composite Panel Extrusion Line

    In foreign countries, there are many names of aluminum composite panels, some are called aluminum composite panels (Aluminum Composite Panels); some are called aluminum composite materials (Aluminum Composite Materials); the world’s first aluminum composite panel is named ALUCOBOND.

  • PVC Sheet Extrusion Line

    PVC Sheet Extrusion Line

    PVC transparent sheet have many advantages of fire-resistance, high quality, low cost, high transparent, good surface, no spot,less water wave, high strike resistance, easy to mould and etc. It is applied to different kinds of packing ,vacuuming and case, such as tools, toys, electronic, food, medicine and clothes.

  • PC/PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line

    PC/PMMA Optical Sheet Extrusion Line

    To meet the demands of market, JWELL supply customer PC PMMA optical sheet extrusion lines with advanced technology, the screws are specially designed according to the rheological property of raw material, precise melt pump system and T-die, which makes the extrusion melt is even and stable and the sheet has excellent optical performance. 

  • PVC Foaming Board Extrusion Line

    PVC Foaming Board Extrusion Line

    PVC foam board also named Snow board and Andy board, the chemical component is polyvinyl chloride, also can be named foam polyvinyl chloride board. PVC Semi-Skinning foam manufacturing technique is combine free foam technique and semi-skinning foam to develop new technology, this equipment have advanced structure,simple formulation,easy operation etc.

  • LFT/CFP/FRP/CFRT Continuous Fiber Reinforced

    LFT/CFP/FRP/CFRT Continuous Fiber Reinforced

    Continuous fiber reinforced composite material is made of reinforced fiber material:  glass fiber(GF), carbon fiber(CF), aramid fiber(AF), ultra high molecular polyethylene fiber(UHMW-PE), basalt fiber(BF) by using special process technology to makes high strength continuous fiber and thermal plastic&thermosetting resin soak with each other.

  • PVC Roofing Extrusion Line

    PVC Roofing Extrusion Line

    ● The fire protection performance is remarkable, difficult to burn. Anti-corossion, Acidproof, alkali, radiates quickly, high light- ing, logn life-span. ● Adopt special technology, bears the outdoor atmospheric insolation,the heat insulation performance is good, in the hot summer can provide compares the metal to use a tile more comfortable environment.

  • PP/PS Sheet Extrusion Line

    PP/PS Sheet Extrusion Line

    Developed by Jwell company, this line is for producing multi-layer environmental-friendly sheet, which is widely used for vacuum forming, green food container and package, different kinds of food packaging container, such as: salver,bowl, canteen, fruit dish, etc.

  • PC/PMMA/GPPS/ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

    PC/PMMA/GPPS/ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

    Garden, recreation place, decoration and the corridor pavilion; Internal and external ornaments in the commercial building, curtain wall of the modern urban building; 

  • PP/PE/ABS/PVC Thick Board Extrusion Line

    PP/PE/ABS/PVC Thick Board Extrusion Line

    PP thick plate, is an environmentally-friendly product and is widely applied in chemistry industry, food industry, anti-erosion industry, environmentally-friendly equipments industry, etc.

    PP thick plate extrusion line of 2000mm width is a newly developed line which is the most advanced and stable line compared with other competitors.

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